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2014 Shortlist

Best Student Film - Fiction

Red Source   -   ALRA
Devil in the Black Stone   -   Ananya Kasaravalli [more]
Civvy Street   -   Matt Worthington

Best Student Film - Factual/Documentary

Traces of My Uncle   -  Ceren Saner
Perspectives Alexandros   -  Papathanasiou
Out Of Darkness Cometh Light  -   Emily White [more]

Best Activist Film - Fiction

Against the Norm   -   Iqbal Mohammed
Immigrants are hiding?   -   WORLDbytes [more]
CARE   -   Blanche's Nickelodeon   [more]

Best Activist Film - Factual/Documentary

Reach   -   Voices that Shake! / Rainbow Collective
The True Little Tramp   -   Jack Brindelli 
Just Me  -   Matthew Kennedy
Po Po   -   Migrant Media
Bob Crow: Don't Mourne, Organise - Platform Films 
The Racket - Joe Jenkins [more]