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Small Axe 2017

Winning Films

Jury Selection
Best Documentary - Bunkers
Best Documentary by a Student Filmmaker - The Sandman
Best Fiction Short - The Interview
Best Fiction Short by a Student Filmmaker - iRony

Audience Award
Best Documentary - Dare To Dream
Best Documentary by a Student Filmmaker - Fight
Best Fiction Short - Assholio
Best Fiction Short by a Student Filmmaker - Champions

Official Selection


Project Title Directors Duration Country of Origin Project Type Trailer
A New Era Ludwig Reuter 00:09:00 Burkina Faso Documentary  
Are You Sleeping (2017)   00:02:19 China Experimental, Fiction  
Beeman - A New Superhero for Young Refugees Abdullah Nabisadah, Halil Ibrahim Özdogan 00:14:25 Germany Fiction
Boiling Camila Gregório 00:16:33 Brazil Fiction, Student  
Carols Thanos Psichogios 00:15:40 Greece Fiction, Other
Cycle of Change Sarah Frei 00:08:46 United States Documentary  
Fireplace Muhammad Bayazid, Samah Safi Bayazid 00:11:42 Syrian Arab Republic Fiction, Student  
Fomo Sapiens Viktor Hertz 00:07:15 Sweden Fiction
Her Voice Silvia Defrance 00:11:03 Belgium Experimental, Fiction, Other  
How to Make Finland Great Again Jarno Harju 00:19:11 Finland Fiction  
Hush Street Eduardo Colgan 00:16:00 Brazil Fiction
Journey Without a Map Jill Woodward 00:16:30 United States Documentary
Kissmud Mox Mäkelä 00:06:09 Finland Experimental  
KNAGGLIG Amelie Schlögelhofer 00:02:33 Austria Animation, Fiction, Student  
Lockdown Lauren Knapp 00:05:14 United States Documentary, Student
Lurna Nani Matos 00:15:00 Spain Fiction
Madness Adrian Szczepaniak 00:06:00 Poland Animation, Experimental, Student
Mellow Yellow - Radio Edit Neil Wigardt 00:14:58 Sweden Documentary, Experimental, Student  
MEMENTO MORI Nina Schiena 00:13:15 Germany Experimental, Fiction, Student,
Mother Nature André Kirchner 00:15:00 Germany Fiction
NOITULOS EDICIUS Willie Stewart 00:03:28 United States Experimental, Fiction, Student
Of huge and small Artem Funk 00:25:25 Germany Documentary, Experimental, Student  
Open Mike Tobias Erdmann 00:16:20 United Kingdom Fiction, Student
Pandas Have Got To Go Harriet Francis Croucher 00:02:24 United Kingdom Animation, Experimental, Fiction, Student
QUEST for the Crystal   00:04:10 United States Animation, Experimental, Student  
SEEDS Milo Bennet-Shephard (age 11 at the time) 00:01:48 Not Specified Animation, Experimental, Student  
Silence Equals Olan Montgomery 00:16:00 United States Fiction  
So Many Reasons Lucinda Broadbent 00:01:01 United Kingdom Animation  
The Arctic Circus Connor Johnstone 00:23:38 Canada Documentary, Student
The Colored Punch: story of efkan beyaz Yazın Öztürk 00:12:43 Turkey Documentary
The Greater Evil William R. Coughlan 00:07:51 United States Fiction
The Next Stop Is Happiness Where This Bus Terminates Ka Ki Wong 00:09:57 United Kingdom Fiction, Student  
The Rag Zoe Vitale 00:11:49 United States Student  
The Wheels On The Bus Joshua Long 00:09:45 Australia Fiction, Student
To Help Us Paula Durette 00:01:23 Not Specified Animation  
Visitor (Preview version) Stef de Hoog 00:13:00 Hungary Fiction, Student  
Where they are expecting us Gustavo Gómez 00:21:00 Spain Documentary
Wire Berkay Hasbay 00:14:59 Turkey Fiction, Student


Reuben Irving

Co-Director or Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival and Programmer of Small Axe. Also a filmmaker and lecturer at the University of Worcester.

Iqbal Mohammed

Winner of the 2016 Audience Award for best film with Three Minute Warning

Morag Livingstone

Director of Belonging.( 2017), experienced short filmmaker, writer, and documentary photographer telling the real stories of real people in order to bring about real change. She is co-author of two best selling books, Hackney Child and Tainted Love both published by Simon & Schuster in 2014.

Maria Burza and the TV Kryzyz Collective

Winners of the Best Documentary 2016 with House On Strike (Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk)

Fernando Mitjans

Winner of best student documentary 2016 with Limpiadores

Giannis Vlahopoulos

Winner of Best Fiction Film 2016 with Wall (To Ihos)